1. Leadership Laboratories creates programmes to help intrapreneurs in large companies develop profitable innovations that create social impact
  2. We do not create programmes about leadership
  3. We develop leaders, by stepping into the arena with them

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds and spends himself in a worthy cause”

Theodore Roosevelt, Sorbonne, 1910

We work with intrapreneurs who have commercial ideas that can benefit society and make a profit

These ideas infuse them with a sense of purpose

We utilise this sense of purpose to develop underlying leadership qualities such as:

‘I see opportunities others don’t’
Resourceful Attitude
‘I don’t know how to do this, but I will find a way to make it happen’

Underlying leadership qualities cannot be learned in a classroom

They are developed in the arena – facing challenges, learning through experience and building something worthwhile

We create programmes that support intrapreneurs who step into the arena

Our programmes combine consulting, subject matter-expertise and leadership coaching to:

i. Convert ideas into tangible, profitable projects that benefit society and
ii. In the process, develop underlying qualities of leadership

The Lab


of Purpose
project that
benefits society
  • Individual Leadership Development
  • Organisational Innovation
    & Growth

Leadership Laboratories

Evolving Success into Significance


Est. 2013

A collaboration between Leadership Labs Accenture Business Fights Poverty

3 day + 3 month programme that helps individuals in large companies
develop profitable innovations that create social impact

2013 Intrapreneur Lab at Said Business School involved participants from

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Companies such as Vodafone, Reuters & Coca-Cola have shown that social problems can be business opportunities to innovate & discover new markets.

The success-stories – projects that make profit & create social impact – have often been driven by a handful of intrapreneurs. Individuals who worked with a sense of purpose, won the buy-in of their companies and had the acumen & commitment to deliver.

This sense of purpose can be a powerful catalyst for individual leadership development.

Thinking innovatively, managing strategically, finding a way to ‘make things happen’ – these

are underlying abilities that develop when you work to build something you believe in.

We don’t start off with these abilities. We develop them, in the field.

Intrapreneur Labs are for high-performers from large companies who have business ideas that can benefit society & the bottom-line.

Labs provide a unique support structure of coaching, consulting, networking & subject-matter expertise to help individuals deliver profitable projects that create social impact…

…and in the process develop into innovative, resourceful, ‘intrapreneurial’ leaders.

Labs have 2 phases

Intrapreneurs with ideas & early-stage projects that can
make profit + create social impact

The outcome after 3 months is an individual or team that has:

  • Progressed their project

  • Serve as examples of intrapreneurship &
    innovation within their company

  • Developed intrapreneurial
    leadership qualities


Since 2007, Milan Samani has worked with high-performing individuals from:

Milan has guest lectured at:

and is a director and principal speaker at
the international management training company

The Real Potential


“Think big. There is too much mediocrity in the world. In order
to think big you have to be inspired by an ideal. We are all
capable of great things; it is just a matter of our focus.”